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Following a few weeks of discussions, FilmFour and Dowaliby agreed to solicit a prominent British screenwriter, who had previously scripted a film about Navajo code talkers, to adapt the book. The following is the fifth installment of a multi-article investigation launched by the Rocky Mountain News. The News found that the law – while a legislative low point in Indian history that resulted in many tribes losing their lands – does not contain any requirements for Indian bloodlines. • Ethnicity claims: On 1978 CU application, checked box for « American Indian. In 1991 the American Booksellers Association gave its book-of-the-year award to Forrest Carter’s Cherokee-themed memoir, The Education of Little Tree, despite the documented fact that Carter was really Asa Carter, a rabid segregationist and the author of George Wallace’s infamous war cry, « Segregation today! The American Historical Association says it’s not limited to using someone else’s words verbatim, but also includes using ideas, sources or notes « disguised in newly crafted sentences. « It’s plainly a clever rip-off, » said Peter Hoffer, a legal historian who helped write the national standards on plagiarism for the American Historical Association. After initially defending the essential truth of Frey’s memoir, a selection for her book club, Oprah changed her mind, admitted that she had been duped, invited Frey back onto her show and called him a liar. Of course, after reading Nasdijj’s essay and book, I suspected that he was a literary thief and a liar. After reading the book, Morris felt certain Nasdijj was not Navajo. In the contributors section of the book, Churchill is credited with taking the « lead role in preparing » the essay for publication. Churchill reported last month to the CU committee that he meets three of the four criteria for determining whether he is Indian.

• The final method for determining Indian heritage is to identify an Indian ancestor – the only method Churchill didn’t use in his 50-page report to the university’s investigating committee, according to a description of the confidential response by Churchill’s attorney, David Lane. “The backbone of multicultural literature,” says Alexie, “is the empathy of its audience – their curiosity for the condition of a group other than themselves. “The last act of colonialism is for the dominant culture to completely supplant the Native one,” says Alexie. As the deadline for hiring the writer neared, Dowaliby concluded that Nasdijj was either unable or unwilling to confirm the details necessary to back up the truth of his story. Nasdijj refused to speak with him, claiming that he had moved back to the Navajo reservation. Churchill moved Joshua up at least one generation, misplaced him in Indian lands and said that Joshua was moved from Tennessee in the mid-1830s, implying that he was part of the forced removal of Cherokees along the Trail of Tears. Contrary to what Churchill told Rave, Joshua wasn’t moved out of Tennessee in the 1830s, but left with his family about 1816 and is recorded as being one of the first white settlers in what soon would become Franklin County, Ill. “No one has really lived in hogans since HUD housing started being built on the reservation in the ’60s. He’s believed it since he was 10, he has said. Indeed, the world has had an Indian fetish since the days of P.T. But he denied to the News that he had done anything wrong, contending only that he edited it on behalf of Jaimes.

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In his defense, Churchill told the News he didn’t commit plagiarism, academic fraud or research misconduct. Yet the next year, when he was up for associate membership with the Keetoowah, Churchill told the tribe that his father had Creek Indian heritage. For more than a century, descendants of Richard Tyner’s Georgia brood have conducted a fruitless search for proof of their rumored Indian roots, spurred on by a tantalizing story that Joshua Tyner may have spent the last years of his life living among Indians in Illinois, practicing herbal medicine. That’s unlikely, too. A baby born to a Cherokee mother and white father in late 1700s Georgia would have been raised as Indian, according to Indian scholar John Finger, a retired University of Tennessee historian. » Green said. « If it was substantially written by another scholar and she’s not attributed, that’s clearly plagiarism. Because that’s where they made their money. But no offer was made by Northridge because he lacked a doctorate and his writings contained more advocacy than scholarship, said George Wayne, a former Northridge official. Churchill has framed the CU investigation not as a look at the rigor and accuracy of his scholarship, but as a right-wing crusade and an attack on academic freedom and free speech. Prickly debates swirl around him on the standards of academic integrity, the limits of free speech and the responsibilities of scholarly writers. That giveaway of land that the state acquired from Creek Indians was restricted to free white males or their widows. As for an essay published under the name of former Arizona State University professor Rebecca Robbins, a paragraph of which Churchill later published under his own name, the News could not determine who actually wrote it.

But given the response of many, including prominent publishers and Oprah Winfrey, to the James Frey affair – that his message of redemption is true and so who cares about literal untruths – is it possible that Tim Barrus is using the Nasdijj persona as a vehicle for social justice? CU, however, said in 1994, in response to a complaint about Churchill’s claimed ethnicity, that it recognizes self-identification. For example, he said he never claimed to write the essay that mirrors Cohen’s, and that if there was wrongdoing involved, it was committed by someone else. Charlie Brennan, Kevin Flynn, Laura Frank, Berny Morson and Kevin Vaughan wrote this article for the Rocky Mountain News. Fictions like this are murderous. Though Carter’s is perhaps the most unusual case of Indian impersonation, there are many others, most of whom romanticize Native spirituality and culture, even though they often misrepresent the culture to suit their spiritual or literary aims. Arguably the most infamous Indian appropriator is rabid segregationist and Ku Klux Klansman Asa Earl Carter, the former speechwriter for George Wallace who penned the notorious “Segregation now! Churchill published that essay – with some minor changes and subtle altering of words – even though the writer, Fay G. Cohen, had withdrawn permission for him to use it. Harjo, who is Muscogee Creek and Cheyenne, has had her own battles outing those she believes to be Native American impostors. Those three criteria are self-identification as an Indian, acceptance within the Indian community, and tribal affiliation – none of which require proof of Indian parentage. 11, 2001, a now-infamous piece in which he referred to those who died in the terrorist attacks as « little Eichmanns » – a reference to a ranking Nazi who helped carry out the Holocaust.

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In comparing the two essays, the News found that in addition to similarity in structure and wording throughout the two pieces, the version Churchill prepared repeats a mistake found in Cohen’s original essay, cites the wrong title and misspells Cohen’s name in an endnote reference to the original, and subtly twists the overall message. The theory had one problem: The plain wording of the Dawes Act contains no such provision, either directly or by reference to other portions of the law. He had little success. That’s a little loopy, isn’t it? There’s still another way to look at the question, according to Pimple, and that’s what Churchill truly believes about his background, regardless of the objective truth of it. • Scholarship: The rigorous methods scholars use to find, analyze, interpret and share information in a trustworthy way to add to a body of knowledge. Without specific information about Nasdijj’s true identity, however, the registry refused, and Morris let the subject drop. “He just kept recycling the same story about sheep camps and migrant work,” Dowaliby says. It earned a National Magazine Award nomination and was later expanded into a memoir of the same title that became a finalist for a PEN/Martha Albrand Award. It will answer the main questions before it: Did Churchill commit research misconduct and academic fraud, and did he misrepresent his heritage to gain a wider audience for his work? Do not answer questions. He later declined to answer them. And the answer is because people like that don’t do it for altruistic reasons. Nasdijj takes it upon himself to teach Navajo Rose how to read and drives her off the reservation to “White People Town” to see her first library.

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Dowaliby refused to go forward with the film until he got answers. After securing the film rights to The Boyand the Dog Are Sleeping and negotiating the deal with FilmFour, in early 2004 Dowaliby was finally ready to get down to the business of making a movie with Nasdijj. The tribe voted a month after granting Churchill’s associate membership to stop giving them out, and said it erased all of the existing ones. Shortly thereafter, Nasdijj’s Web site was taken offline and all mention of his daughter Kree Barrus was removed from the archives of Giovanni’s blog. In 1993, with his bridges burning in gay publishing, Barrus met and married his current wife, Tina Giovanni, in San Francisco and disappeared. The second appeared in a 1992 book of essays compiled by Churchill’s then- wife, Jaimes. Witomski took special umbrage, and in a 1992 article published in The Advocate shortly before his death, he labeled Barrus one of “five gay writers we could do without.” Other writers followed suit in their condemnation, and Barrus’ delusions of censure became reality. Churchill’s version appeared in the 1992 book The State of Native America under the credit line of the Institute for Natural Progress, a research organization that Churchill has said he co-founded 10 years earlier. What Dowaliby didn’t know at the time was the controversy that nearly derailed his new partner’s burgeoning career four years earlier. The area where Joshua and Noah went had been settled by whites 20 years earlier. Finger, the Tennessee historian, said it is possible that backwoods whites who had children with Indian women could pass them off as white. After his unsuccessful meeting with Mueller, Alexie sent a letter to Houghton Mifflin, asserting that the author was a fake who had borrowed heavily from several Native writers, including himself.

Epilogue: When I approached Nasdijj last week, via e-mail after many attempts to find a working phone number, I received a quick reply from someone called Mike Willis, who identified himself as Nasdijj’s assistant. To find N, take the stairs to the roof. Not long thereafter, Morris got a call from Sherman Alexie asking if he would take a look at The Blood. “Someone who’s Italian doesn’t have to look a certain way or be a certain way,” Harjo explains. For both creative and liability purposes, Dowaliby was already fact-checking the book and he promised the writer he would look into the matter further. Dennis Ward, 65, a military career guidance specialist at Fort Sill in Lawton, Okla., and a registered Cherokee who is descended from the Indian Tyners, has tried for years to find any connection to Churchill’s Tyners. « You won’t find anything, » said Carole Goldberg, a UCLA law professor and an expert on federal Indian law. You don’t call it something else because it resonates. Even if Joshua’s mother was a full-blooded Cherokee, something for which there is no supporting evidence, Churchill, as her fifth- great-grandson, would have only a tiny fraction – 1/128th – of Indian blood, not close to the 1/16th or 3/16ths he claims. To strengthen, perpetuate, and extend this interest was the object for which the insurgents would rend the Union even by war, while the Government claimed no right to do more than to restrict the territorial enlargement of it. This account is improbable.